Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Class Schedule, Class descriptions, BRX Events & News, Purchasing Class Packages, Personal Training & Small Group Training.

Drop in and try any class and your first week is free!  Bring a Co-worker!  Get your workouts done during your lunch hour, with our convenient, inexpensive and fun classes.  We have a good variety of classes with some of the best instructors south of the river!  Workout 12 times per month and get $20 back, more information below about the insurance reimbursement program.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota:  Class Schedule

Yankee Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Barre 11:00 AM
Cut/Core 11 AM

Bootcamp 11:00 AM
Renee (canceled for summer)

Body Sculpt 12:00 PM

Yoga Sculpt 12:00 PM

Main Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Body Sculpt 11:00 AM

Yoga Sculpt 11:00 AM

Barrelaties 12:00 PM
Cut/Core 12:00 PM

Bootcamp 12:00 PM
Renee (canceled for summer)

Participate in Group Exercise Bingo Sept 16th – Oct 31!  Group Exercise Bingo is a game designed to help bring variety to your workouts and introduce you to new classes in a fun and engaging way.

 New participants BCBS Special Bingo Deal - $19.99 for unlimited classes Sept 16th-Oct 31st.  If you have never tried a class or we have not seen you in 6 months this would be a great opportunity to try out our classes and have fun playing Bingo!    Go to, online store, classes, BCBS classes, then BCBS Bingo to take advantage of this deal! 

New Schedule will start Sept. 9th! We are changing things up starting this fall. Always check online for current classes.

Free Week at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Fitness Centers January 15th – 19th

Drop in and try a class!!




Class Descriptions

Abs & Intervals (40 minutes)   

Using the proven fat-torching benefits of interval training, you will work with a variety of drills and equipment to challenge you with strength and cardio work all rolled into one. You will be able to adapt to your fitness level with the options given for each set of exercises. A healthy dose of core work will top off your session!

Abs/Stretch/Decompress (30 minutes) FREE Class!

This is a FREE 30 minute class and we invite everyone to drop in weekly. We will work the Core, work on your flexibility and then Relax and Decompress. Everyone can benefit from this class.

Barre  (40 minutes)

Strengthen and tone the whole body with this classic ballet inspired workout. We will use light balls, the ballet barre and weights to achieve a lean and flexible body. Great for men and women, no ballet experience needed!

Body Shop (40 minutes)   

This class will strengthen your muscles while keeping your heart rate elevated in this high-energy, strength endurance class that will incorporate a variety of cardio and strength drills utilizing weights, tubes, balls, band, body bars, risers, kettlebells and more. Enjoy being challenged in a variety of ways with different instructors each week!

Cut/Core (40 minutes)

 Get the best of 2 classes in one! The first 20 minutes feature muscle strengthening and shaping exercises while the final 20 minutes will zero in on shaping and defining the core topped off with stretching to relieve muscle soreness.

Cardio/Strength(40 minutes)

A good mix of Cardio moves with Strength Training using a variety of equipment.

Commotion (40 minutes)

If treadmills bore you to tears...this class is the way to get your calorie-frying done in a 40 minutes including time dedicated to abs & core. You will get your cardio in and tone your mid-section through a variety of athletic moves, drills and sequences. Recommended for all levels of fitness.

Dirty Dozen (40 minutes) 

"The workout" when time is tight and goals are high. Hit the Dirty Dozen as this total body strength resistance class involves sets of 12-14 exercises each week. Great for beginners and all levels of fitness. Turn it loose!

HIIT (40 minutes)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) is a type of cardiovascular training that combines intervals of MAXIMUM effort followed by a complete recovery.

Pilates Fusion(40 minutes)

Appropriate for the beginner and regular students, mat class encourages students to work deeply and will improve posture, core strength, balance, flexibility and form. Modifications will be addressed to accommodate different levels.

XY (40 minutes)

XY is the only high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program that fuses strength training and performance drills with targeted, strategic yoga postures to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Yoga (40 minutes)

Students will work on balance, stretching, and strengthening postures, relaxation and meditation in a flowing, vinyasa-style format.

Yoga Sculpt (40 minutes)

This class is designed to help you facilitate mindfulness and learn to surrender and let go of outcomes. Basic Yoga postures combined with rhythmic breathing, heat, weights and cardio will strengthen your mind, body and spirit. You will increase flexibility, strength and muscle efficiency, build stamina, release tension, accelerate detoxification and lose weight.

Options for Purchasing Classes

40-minute Class Packs
5-class pack: $25
10-class pack: $40

1-month unlimited classes: $45
Month to Month Auto-Pay Contract: $40

Deals:  BCBS Introductory Offer (for new participants only, or if we have not seen you for 6 months) get 5 classes at Main and Yankee for $15, that is $10 off the regular price!
Insurance Reimbursement: $20 off Month to Month Auto-Pay
Workout 12 times per month for discount. For more information or to sign up click here!

Purchase classes here!

                   BRX Personal Training @ Main, Yankee and River Park

                  Cost per session single:                              Cost per session couple training:

                                      20 min - $ 20.00                                   20 min - $ 30.00 ($15.00 each)

                                      30 min - $ 30.00                                    30 min - $ 45.00 ($22.50 each)

                                      40 min - $ 40.00                                    40 min - $ 60.00 ($30.00 each)

                        50 min - $ 50.00                                    50 min - $ 75.00 ($37.50 each)


   Small Group - 3 or more co-workers can workout together!  Just divide the cost between your group!

                                             Cost per session:

                                                     20 min - $ 40.00

                                                     30 min - $ 60.00

                                                     40 min - $ 80.00

                                                     50 min - $ 100.00


If interested in Personal Training, to set up an appointment, or if you have questions, please contact us @