Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to exercising, what classes do your recommend for beginners ?

We have new people dropping into our classes all of the time!  Let the instructor know that you are new and they will be happy to show you options for the workouts.  We recommend taking it easy during the first class and see how you feel the next day!  Try not to overdue it if you are new.  Our Pilates, Yoga, Body Sculpt, Barre, Cut/Core, Zumba and Cycling are just a few of the classes that can be modified for beginner exercisers.  You have to start somewhere right?

What should i bring?

Bring a water bottle!  We supply all of the equipment and we supply mats, although you are welcome to bring your own.  Thats it!

What should i wear?

Wear whatever you feel like!  A pair of sweats or leggings and a t-shirt work. We want you to feel comfortable at BRX.  Putting on make-up and getting your hair done is not necessary before you workout.  Barefoot and/or socks for Barre, Pilates, Buti and Yoga.  Tennis Shoes are recommended for the other classes.

Do i need to sign up for a class in advance?

Cycling classes require signing up in advance because we have a limited number of bikes.  The other classes you can just drop in at the last minute if you like.  It is helpful for the instructors to know how many people are attending to plan their class.  Plus it is a easy way to be held accountable, we will see your name on the list and expect to see you in class!

I am interested in Personal training, how does it work?

We will personalize the workouts for you, depending on how often you want to work with a trainer, your goals, and any limitations you may have.  You could meet with a trainer 5 times a week, or once a month, whatever works for your schedule.  Email us at and we will help get you started!

Can i check out your studio and try a class free?

Of course!  All new participants can check us out with a free class!  Just drop into any class, and let us know that you are taking advantage of a free class!  We will have you fill out a short waiver, and that is it, you can try out a class.  The only class that you need to sign up for in advanced are the cycling classes.

Do you have a locker room or showers?

We do not have showers.  We do have a nice sized bathroom in each studio that participants have used to wash-up in before work.  

do you have other locations?

Prior Lake is our only location.  BRX fitness was started in 2007 by a couple of friends that love fitness.  We are a small comfortable studio where everyone feels at home.

do you have parking available?

We have a nice sized parking lot and street parking is allowed.

What class package should I purchase if I only come once a week?

We have done the math!  If you only come 2 times or less per week, a 5 or 10 class package works best for you.  They never expire, so take as long as you like to use them.  If you come to class 2 or more times a week, our month to month is a better deal!  If you come 12 times or more a month and you have Preferred One, Health Partners, or BCBS you could get another $20 of the month to month.

Do you have service charges?

No!  We do not have any startup fees or service charges.

how many men attend classes at brx?

A large portion of the services that we offer are the group fitness classes and by nature in the fitness industry, a larger percentage of people that attend group fitness classes are female.  The same holds true at BRX but we do have some men that attend as well.  The men that we have that attend are at all times of the day, a few more in the evening but also early AM and mid day as well.  The average is around 90/10 female to male participants.  At BRX everyone feels comfortable taking the classes.

Do you have insurance reimbursements?

We offer a fitness incentive program partnering with BCBS, Health Partners, Medica and Preferred One, giving you $20.00 back when you workout 12 times or more each month.  A month to month membership is required to take advantage of the fitness incentive program. 

I have a Groupon or another deal you are offering, how do I get started?

Great!  Bring in your voucher, gift certificate, phone or however you want to show your purchase and we will redeem your deal.  As soon as we add the deal to your account you can start signing up for classes.  Just drop into your first class, come a few minutes early and we will get you started.  The only classes that we require advance registration are the cycling classes.