Group Fitness Classes

At BRX fitness we are known for our freindly studio, great instructors, and our variety of classes!  We have Barre, Pilates Burn, Kettlebell, Body Sculpt, TRX, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Warm Yoga Sculpt, Zumba, and lots of other choices for you!  There are no contracts fees, initiation fees, hassles or surprises, just great classes! Beginners can start with a Yoga, Barre or Zumba class, then as you progress try a Body Sculpt, Cycling or Bootcamp. If you love the kickass Bootcamp-style classes, we recommend you complement them with Yoga-type classes to help prevent injuries and balance your mind and body. Our passion is to bring fitness for your whole body, not just part of it.

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Class package rates

Single Class: $20
Expiration: 1 month

5 Class Pack: $70
Expiration: 3 months

10 Class Pack: $130
Expiration: 5 months

1 Month Unlimited: $135
Expiration: 30 days

Our Best deal:  Month to Month Memberships

Individual-Auto-Pay Monthly Membership $99
Couple-Auto-Pay Monthly Membership $139
Must include 2 people in same household

Auto-Pay Monthly options: Convenient and our best deal, it includes unlimited classes at BRX fitness. Auto-Pay your monthly membership with a credit/debit card each month for 12 months.  The Auto-Pay option has a clear and fair 30-day cancellation policy and we allow you to freeze your membership should you need to.

1-3 Month Freeze Option**

If you know you will be unable to use your membership for a period of time due to injury or an extended vacation, you are able to put your membership on hold once a year for up to 90 days (or 9 months if you are pregnant) for a small one-time $15 processing fee. We must receive this request in writing prior to the hold date. Holds cannot be retroactive.

Easy Cancellation Policy***

TERMINATION: In order to cancel a Membership prior to the contract renewal date we require a written notice. There is a $50 cancellation fee if membership is cancelled prior to contract completion. This fee will only be waived if client moves more than 20 miles away, is called to active military duty or cannot continue their practice for medical reasons.  Auto-Pay requires 30-day notice to cancel.

Insurance Reimbursements

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One, Medica or Health Partners you might be eligible for another $20 off a Month To Month Membership.  Click here to sign up or more information!

Class Descriptions

Abs & Intervals (55 minutes)

Using the proven fat-torching benefits of interval training, you will work with a variety of drills and equipment to challenge you physically and mentally with strength and cardio work all rolled into one. You will be able to adapt to your fitness level with the options given for each set of exercises. A healthy dose of core work will top off your session!

Barre (55 minutes)

Strengthen and tone the whole body with this classic ballet inspired workout. We will use weighted balls, the ballet barre and weights to achieve a lean and flexible body.

Body Sculpt  (55 minutes)

A muscle conditioning class challenging the upper and lower body using hand weights, tubes, balls, bands, body bars, risers, kettlebells, TRX and more! Enjoy being challenged in a variety of ways!

Bootcamp (55 minutes) 

A tough fast moving workout strengthening your muscles and working your cardio. Exercise options will be offered to challenge all levels of fitness. Expect to lose fat and gain muscle while increasing confidence and improving overall well-being.

Buti  (55 minutes)

Buti signature movement which fuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics. Derived from the Marathi word Buti meaning "the cure to something hidden or kept secret," - transforming lives from the inside-out.

Cycle/Cycle Core (45/55 minutes)

A 45 minute cycling blast, all cycling all the time!  Cycle Core has the addition of 10-15 minutes of core work. 

Cycle Circuit (55 minutes)

Cycle Circuit is an excellent time-crunch way to get both your strength and cycling training accomplished in the same session.   This technique will assist in losing weight, reducing body fat, and is essential for health and longevity.  Cycle Circuit is the ultimate in cross training.  In 55 minutes you will get a total body workout from head to toe.  Approximately 1/2 the time will be on the bike and the other half Strength training and stretching. 

HIIT (55 minutes)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type of cardiovascular training that combines intervals of MAXIMUM effort followed by a complete recovery.

Kettlebell (55 minutes)

KBs blast off fat and burn to the "core" faster than traditional bodybuilding. It burns more calories in a shorter time than any aerobic machine, providing a killer cardio and maximum strength workout . You will be offered modifications to challenge your workout at your individual pace.

Kickboxing (55 minutes)

Get more bang for your buck in this high energy class team taught by two instructors.  You will work a variety of kickboxing drills that will vary from week to week utilizing punches, kicks, strength, core, cardio in a mix of formats that will leave you sweaty and feeling powerful!  

O-My Yoga (45 minutes)

Come experience the big"O"...O-MY Yoga that is. Awaken your feminine power with Michele Young's signature class O-MY Yoga.  O-MY Yoga passionately blends yoga and sensual dance.  Increase your strength, flexibility and endurance with this seductive workout.

Pilates  (55 minutes)

Appropriate for the beginner and regular students, mat class encourages students to work deeply and will improve posture, core strength, balance, flexibility and form. Modifications will be addressed to accommodate different levels.

RIPPED (55 minutes)

A total body "plateau proof fitness formula" workout, utilizing resistance and cardio training, which masterfully combines Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet components of R.I.P.P.E.D. to help you attain and maintain your physique in ways that are fun, safe, doable and extremely effective.

Slow Flow Yoga (55 minutes)

Do you want supple strength and composed calm? Do you want to fell good during and after your workout? Join the Slow Flow revolution! When we take time, our nervous systems relax, our minds slow down, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens, our inner chemistry shifts towards a biological balance, which one experiences as peace, tranquility, relaxation and emerging bliss.

TRX mix (55 minutes)

Incorporating the challenge of the TRX Suspension Training system and TRX Rip Trainers into the workout along with Barbells, Plyo Boxes, Pull-up Bars, DB's, KB's, Medicine Balls, and other fun tools!

Yoga  (55 minutes)

Students will work on balance, stretching, and strengthening postures, relaxation and meditation in a flowing, vinyasa-style format.

Yoga Sculpt (55 minutes)

This class is designed to help you facilitate mindfulness and learn to surrender and let go of outcomes. Basic Yoga postures combined with rhythmic breathing, heat, weights and cardio will strengthen your mind, body and spirit. You will increase flexibility, strength and muscle efficiency, build stamina, release tension, accelerate detoxification and lose weight.

Zumba (55 minutes)

A Latin-inspired dance-fitness class. The class combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body in an aerobic/fitness fashion. Dancers and non-dancers enjoy and succeed at Zumba! Come join the dance party!!