In the past, I have suffered with back problems. Robin and Laurie have helped me strengthen my abdominal, back and overall core muscles in Pilates classes and personal training sessions. Since I have started working with them, my quality of life has improved tremendously!
— Valerie Edberg - Shakopee,MN

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for letting me know about the opening of your new studio. I am so excited about the possibilities as I also work with great trainers in a similar studio environment in AZ during the winter. My name is Greg, I am 68, I was born and raised in Minneapolis. I first started working with you and Robin four years ago. I had a chronic bad back (back spasms) and high blood pressure. My back problems are totally gone (in August I golfed 5 days in a row, impossible previously). Last December I had my best physical exam results in 45 years. I have lost 20 pounds, my blood pressure is at an all time low and I have “grown” one-half an inch . I look forward to working with you on Pilates Personal Training.
— Greg C

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I showed up for my first Bootcamp class this June, but since it was one of our first nice days this year, I decided to give it a try. It’s like going outside for recess! The park is lovely and you get to do kid things - skipping, monkey-in-the-middle, and barefoot drills in the sand (and maybe there’s been a few older-kid team sport drills and a lunge-walk or two). The intensity, in my opinion, is similar to Bodyrox or 30/20/10. Some drills may get the heart rate a little higher, but the travel time between “stations” allows more rest than the indoor classes. There’s only one thing to watch out for - the bridge on the way back to the studio. It doesn’t look too tough on the near side, but if you do anything more difficult than a walk, the far side seems to stay far!
— Kimberly

I had never been a fitness “class” person until I started taking classes at your studio. Now I can’t get enough! I love everything from the fantastic trainers and instructors to the nice variety of classes you offer and the great people there. In just a few short months I have completely transformed my body, eliminated my back pain and had a lot of fun doing it. I am stronger now than I ever have been.
Thank you for providing such a beautiful, fun and non-intimidating place to work out and for helping me reach my goals.
— Dawn C. - Shakopee, MN

I joined the BRX Fitness Biggest Loser Challenge hoping to lose some weight. Not only did I lose 16.75 pounds, but I also learned new skills and techniques to help me keep it off. The 5 free classes were great because I could attend different classes to see which class suited my needs the most. I absolutely love the Bootcamp class! It is so wonderful to be outside in our beautiful Minnesota summer while working out. It is always a challenge and I love to be challenged! Biggest Loser is a great way to get started on a weight loss plan and make new friends. The trainers are all friendly, helpful, and understanding. I plan to join the next Biggest Loser Challenge starting July 10, to help me stay on track! Thank you BRX Fitness!!
— Lynette Nickelson

Just wanted to let you know that I am renewing my membership once again (of course). I am now going into my tenth month and the results are amazing, as all of you know. The atmosphere is so clean and friendly, all of you are excellent trainers and the great people that I have met and work out with at each session make every dollar worth it! I never thought I would be in this good of shape going into my 50s and I am looking forward to getting even stronger and leaner over the coming months. Thanks for everything.
— Pat

I love being there...you all are so enjoyable. As I have said in the past, you all bring something different to the table and that is what makes BRX Fitness, Rock!!! I am so excited about how much stronger I’ve become, along with the inches that have come off my body. I’ve had to alter 3 pair of pants...so far!!!! YIPPEE!
— Sherrie C.

I felt absolutely at home and unjudged while participating in ‘The Biggest Loser’ at BRX Fitness. The staff made me feel like my every pound was their accomplishment as well as my own. The competition was fun and motivating, Laurie was very informative and educated us all through weekly email, an eye opening grocery store trip and fun workouts. I’d encourage anybody wanting to loose weight, change-up their workout routine or just wanting to have fun while getting fit to take this class. I am a ‘Biggest Loser’ and continue my journey to this day. Thank you BRX Fitness for helping me be the person I’m supposed to be.
— Jenni K.