Important Update 7/26/18

To our cherished friends, instructors, staff and clients, we would like to share some updates and changes with you. First and foremost, BRX is still going to exist and will continue offering classes and personal training. Due to misinformation and speculation, information is being shared by others that at this point is not completely accurate. We have always put BRX fitness and our clients first and our goal is always to operate in an up-front manner. To that end we will be sharing information that as a private company is not public in nature.
First of all, we opened up BRX fitness, LLC eleven years ago because of our love of the industry and our desire to delve more fully into it by opening our own business. We have been very proud of how we have operated and most of all by the people we have helped, the friendships that we have formed, and the community that has been built at BRX that we have been fortunate to be a part of. This has never been a money-making venture but more so a labor of love. All along we have been completely self-supported and have weathered the proliferation of boutique fitness centers over the years, have had at least 5 independent businesses open from people who have worked with us, have worked through economic downturns and recovery. We have put any money made back into buying additional equipment and to offering the best of the newest methods and programs at BRX and have not taken any profits from the business. We have continued regardless of drastic changes in our personal lives and have found refuge in the community we have.
We love what we have at BRX so much that we have continued even when on paper it has not made sense. We have come to a confluence of many factors where our costs have continued to increase and our revenues have decreased. We have personally been funding the continuation of BRX for some time now and have come to the very difficult realization that to save that which we love, we need to make some changes.
Our intent was to set the plan and communicate these changes to you once we knew what they were going to be. We only have known as of today confirmation of what is happening and have not had the opportunity to set formal details in place. Just in the last week alone we have had several iterations and actually had a verbal agreement on the table last night to continue BRX as is that fell through. It is for this reason that we have not communicated anything to you because we did not know ourselves what was going to happen. What we can tell you is that we plan to continue BRX fitness LLC in a modified format. We are working through the details and will put that information out to you in the next few days as to what things will look like in the next month. We still have a full studio space and will continue to offer classes and personal training.
We love what we do, we love our clients, the people who work with us and we love BRX. Thank you for the journey this far and we continue to look forward to the future.
Sincerely, Laurie and Robin