Important Announcement


To our cherished Prior Lake BRX Community,

Integrity, character, and a strong moral compass have guided our every move at BRX fitness LLC and it is for that reason that we reach out to you today.  Everything in life as we know it has a season, a beginning and an end.  It is with that realization and with sad hearts that we announce to you that in 2 months, the last class will be held at our Prior Lake location.  We will cease operations in Prior Lake on Friday, May, 24th with our last classes to be held that day. 

There are likely many questions and also probably assumptions as to why this is taking place.  We are a private, locally-owned business.  That in itself means the odds are difficult to overcome as the percentage of new businesses that last past 3 years is very low.  We have been open since 2007 and, in our 12th year, we have beaten those odds.  The business climate, taxes and regulations have become less conducive for the operation of small businesses. We have always been self-funded, taken care of our business and paid our bills.  Even as costs have continued to increase, as it does for everything, we have only increased our prices one time in those 12 years.   Our prices have remained at or below the pricing of other boutique fitness business while continuing to offer a broad range of classes and personal training usually just seen at big box national chains.

We started out with a dream to offer our passion for sharing our love of fitness to others.  Along the way, things behind the scenes changed.  Life has its own plans and as such, what was meant to be a fun business for a couple of active mothers has turned into the only active source of income for an only parent of teenagers.  This becomes difficult when as owners we have never been paid any profits.  We have only paid ourselves an hourly rate as we have our instructors—while sometimes not paying ourselves at all—for the classes taught and the training sessions held.   When the business is a sole source of support and yet instead of paying any income, instead requires money to be funneled into it for several years by an only parent to keep it going, it becomes a situation that cannot be sustained.   

What makes this so difficult is that we truly love what we do, we still have a passion for sharing fitness with others, we love our instructors and staff, we are grateful every day for each member of the BRX fitness community who walks in and takes a class or trains with us. We are so thankful for each and every one of you.  You have stuck by with us through the changes and have adapted with character and heart, bringing an infectious enthusiasm with you.  BRX fitness has become a community, and for that we are very proud and thank you.

As mentioned, we have always tried to operate with integrity.  Most companies in our situation do not give a 2 month notice, trying to run up income right to the very end, only to close their doors and leave their clients and staff high and dry with just a moment’s notice.  It is not fiscally advantageous to us to give you notice, but in our heart we know it is the right thing to do.  We want to give you every opportunity to continue to enjoy our fabulous classes and instructors right up to the very end. We also want to ease your transition to other options so to that end, we are excited to announce we have made arrangements with Yoga 4 You in Savage so that you can use any classes remaining after our closing date there.  BRX classes and memberships will be honored at Yoga 4 You as of June 1st.  Watch for more info on added classes at Yoga 4 You this summer!

As other details associated with the closure of our BRX fitness Prior Lake location come forward we will continue to let you know.

With gratitude,

Laurie and Robin

BRX fitness co-owners